marathon monday: 16 weeks

I know it's Christmas Eve, so I'll keep this short. I successfully completed this week, with a long run included. It wasn't a great long run, but I finished it. The thing about long runs is that they give me plenty of time to think about things. This past week was an interesting one, and it left me more stressed and anxious than I've been in a while. But my runs give me clarity. And they give me a chance to breathe. To get away from things. To be alone.

In other marathon-related news, thanks to many generous donations, I've raised more than $1,000. I know that it's the holidays and money can be tight, but if you have anything extra, I'd really appreciate any donation. Every little bit helps, especially when it comes to curing cancer.

And in non-marathon-related news, Toby got a new coat for Christmas:
Merry Christmas, from my little family to yours. I hope you enjoy time spent with loved ones this week.


Oh, herro there.

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