marathon monday: 18 weeks

Eighteen weeks from today, I will be running the Boston Marathon. Barring any serious injuries, that is. But I'm pretty optimistic that everything will work out well for me.

So today officially begins my training. I have 16 weeks of training on the schedule thanks to the Dana-Farber, followed by two weeks of taper and then bam. It's marathon time.

I think I'm a bit nervous for this whole thing. Fundraising is giving me enough anxiety, but then I need to think about actually, you know, running a marathon. It's a little stressful and overwhelming to think that my first long run is coming up and it's close to double digits. And then from there, I won't just stop at 10 or 11 or 13.1 miles. I'll keep going until I get 20 then 22 then finally 26.2 miles. I'm going to be running hundreds of miles over the next 18 weeks. Shit man. Who am I?
I apologize in advance for the next 17 marathon Monday posts. I know not all of you are terribly interested in the nuances of my running and training, but I'm so effing excited to become a marathoner that it's all I can do not to talk about it ALL THE TIME. So if you don't like running, steer clear of Monday posts.

But I do hope you'll join me on this journey.


  1. I'm THRILLED to hear about the training! I busted out my first run since the November 10k this weekend. Every time I start back running, I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to do it. 2.5 miles felt torturous. And 20 miles sounds so scary! I can't wait to get tips for myself from watching you! Rock it!

  2. Enjoy it! I just completed my first marathon in Philadelphia on November 18. It was quite an experience! I tried to just remember that the marathon was a celebration of all my training and just enjoyed the day as much as I could.

    Can't wait to hear how it all goes!!

    1. I totally love your mindset for the race! It really is a huge celebration, so I'm excited to be on this journey!

  3. I just threw up a little. BUT i get to see you on saturday! YAY!!!!!

  4. I love this idea!! and obviously I won't get sick of reading the posts :)

  5. who are you!? you are amazing, that's who. My only association with the Boston Marathon, (and probably the only one I'll ever have), is that my aunt came in 1st place in her division a few years ago:-) xoxo

  6. I look forward to your "why did I freak out about this so much when I had it in the bag" post 18.5 weeks from now.
    Also- run the davis santa run with us on sunday.

  7. I seriously I hope I'm around this year on Marathon Monday to cheer you on (because I WILL!)-- last year I was away, but maybe this year I'll be in town!

    Good luck with training! I always get tears at the Marathon. I'm am so proud of you already. :)

  8. This just makes me so much more in love with you than I already am. You're a beast.

  9. That's amazing! i hope to run my first full marathon next year. so far i've only done half marathons.


  10. Yay! Congratulations on the beginning of your training plan. :)

  11. I'm terrible interested so I can't wait!!!


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