an outfit post: red hot

I sound like I'm tooting my own horn with this blog post title. I crack myself up. In all honesty, I was about to leave J.Crew when this shirt caught my eye. I love the Blythe blouse, and this color was pure perfection.
blouse | pants | similar shoes (not pictured sadly)
Positives of this blouse: I feel dressed up and fancy shmancy, but it's still loose and flowy. 

Negatives of this blouse: It's silk and I'm lazy as shit about dry cleaning. But the blouse wins.

I'd also like to take this post to say bravo to J.Crew for it's recent mega sale. An additional 40% off of sale always pulls me in.


  1. The cutest! My problem with those blouses too (aside from the fact that I can't wear them to work because I'll get a snotty nose or something on it), but they wrinkle SO EASILY. And I'm super lazy about dry cleaning, hemming, and ironing (they never happen). But this is so cute. Flowy blouses are the jam.

  2. Flowy blouses are my go-to for work and nights out- love this shade!

  3. dry cleaning blows but that blouse is really cute. i loooove flowy tops. i've started ordering so many tops a size up just so that they are more flowy. flow wins.

  4. yes on the dry cleaning. you should SEE my pile. ugh.

  5. I'm all about blouses for work–they're perfectly professional and still comfortable. But I hear ya on the dry cleaning. Not the best!

    The Glossy Life

  6. J Crew silk shirts are always my favorite. Is that shirt really as red as the picture? I love it.

  7. Oh Alex you look outstanding in red. It really goes well with your dark hair!

  8. haha. dry cleaning. funny joke. And that is why I can never own nice things:-) Actually, I have a huge pile of clothes in the corner of my closet that need some fancy shmancy cleaning. Lame. xoxo

  9. Prettiest, what a lovely color!! Perf for February :)

  10. I've been searching for a top like yours for a long time! I've not found the right one yet; they're either usually too short or too tight or just not very nice. Hope to find the one soon.


  11. I understand the not wanting to dry clean clothes. Such a drag, but the shirts and dresses that always catch your attention come with that pesky instruction "dry clean only" which you more than likely don't notice until you have fallen in love with it, bought it and drove home. Love your top!


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