friday links

I'm so ready for this three-day weekend. How about you?
Let's get some link action going.
+ If you click any of my links today, make it Dena's blog. Dena is an amazing soul. Dena is 29 and she had breast cancer that has metastasized in her bones. And even with all of this, she has a positive outlook on life. And I'm running the Boston Marathon for her. If you can, help her out. Even if you think you can't, $10 does help. And if you want to help me try to cure cancer in our lifetime, I'd greatly appreciate even a $5 donation. Every little bit does help.
+ If you haven't read about the crazy Manti Te'o dead girlfriend hoax you should probably just read the Deadspin article and go ahead and scratch your head alongside me. Seriously.
I hope you all have an amazing long weekend. Have fun. Do something different. Hug people you love. And remember how amazing your life really is.


  1. Thank you SO much for posting about Dena!

  2. She is so amazing. Thank you for sharing her story! xxx

    (Manti T'eo story not so much. But still can't stop reading about it hehe.)

    1. Dena's the bomb. Thanks for helping me spread the word :)


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