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Lately, I've been reading up a storm lately. It must have something to do with my hour-long commute into work every day. So in light of the massive quantity of books I've been reading, I'll let you know all of the other stuff I've been enjoying lately too.

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This book is interesting for a number of reasons. If you know anything about the West Memphis 3, this sheds more light onto who Damien Echols is and how his life changed after the murder accusation and in prison. But I can understand how it wouldn't be terribly interesting for someone who doesn't know a lot about the case.
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Room is next on my list. I'm super excited to get it started, especially after seeing that Elizabeth read it for her book club a few months ago. It seems like it will be a book I can't put down, even if it's sad.

I'm all about "Vanderpump Rules." If you haven't noticed, I thoroughly enjoy trash TV. So obviously I was the MOST excited when this show started. It's full of pretty people drama. Love.

Listening To.
The Lumineers. If you're not listening, you really ought to be. And keep your fingers crossed that they play at the Newport Folk Festival. Because that's what I bought tickets for. Yeah...I bought  tickets for the festival before I found out who the acts are. It'll be a good show no matter who's playing, quite honestly.


  1. Room is the most amazing book. You won't be able to put it down! I read it for one straight weekend!

  2. Stubborn Love (#7 on your screenshot) is so flippin' good!

    1. I agree. I could (and do) listen to that one on repeat ALL THE TIME.


  3. Room for book club?? I want to get on that one too!

  4. soo scheanna from vanderpump rules went to my college when i was there. she was a bit controversial because it was a christian school and she was a waitress at hooters at the time and then maybe went to playboy so yah... i love that show too.

  5. I have to read ROOM too - it's sitting on my shelf wanting to be opened. If you get to it before I do, let me know!!

  6. While I don't envy an hour commute, I do love that you sort of have that built in hour for reading! And Lumineers! I CAN NOT get enough. Like I listen to this album all the time. Love it.


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