winter whites

The old rule says no white after Labor Day, but I'm callin' bullshit on that rule. White is appropriate at all times. ALL THE TIME I SAY. And I'm definitely looking at some seriously cute white things this winter...
Winter white collage
sweater | blouse | pants | dress
Do you rock white in the winter? Or do you keep it just for the summer months?


  1. i would wear white more if my white jeans actually fit.

  2. I love white, I think it looks so chic. I love it in the summer with a tan, but I also think it looks so pretty in the winter, like white wool pants and a beautiful white coat...except I'd never wear it ever because without a doubt I'd spill Starbucks on it in 5 minutes flat. I wish that were a joke, but give me white clothes and I will inevitably stain them. LOL.

  3. I love winter whites, just switch my white jeans to white cords for the winter, goes with everything!

  4. Obsessed with winter white. I own approximately ten white sweaters and still don't think that's enough. Also lovee that Gap blouse-- it's like the Madewell one but closer to what I can afford.... hmmm.... :)

    1. We can be twinsies and get it together :)

  5. I adore that dress. I think white looks extremely classic/crisp in the winter. A sloppy eater probably made up the 'no white after Labor Day' rule! xo


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