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I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Friday, so clearly I'm ready for this week to be over. If your week was anything like mine, you're ready for some links to take your mind off of things.
lychee martini from city table
+ The Frisky shed some light on things your barista really wants you to know. If you're like me and frequent the same coffee shop many times a week, these tips are very handy. Many of these also translate to all sales associates you come across. Take notes.
+ BuzzFeed came up with a fabulous compilation of all of the most fabulous Beyonce dance moves. I'm a little disappointed that this one didn't make it, but all of these are clutch.
+ E from E Tells Tales is doing a new resolution every month. In January she posted every day, and in February she won't use the Internet at all (except to fulfill orders for her shop). Do you think you could do without the Internet for a month? I'm not sure I could. My dependency is a bit sick, but at least I admit it?
This weekend I'm running 17 miles for real (I checked my schedule) and doing some relaxing. What's on tap for you?


  1. going to jcrew and madewell. f trader joes.

  2. Pretty sure I'd have a mental break if I went without internet for a month. Good luck on the run!

  3. Good luck with 17 miles! I would love to give up the internet for a month but I actually need it for my job so I don't think that would be possible

  4. haha i laughed at the "if you're not in starbucks don't use starbucks terminology"- so true! i don't even use it in an s-bucks, for the life of me i can't remember the cup sizes. And B looks sooo cute in the queen shuffle, god how i love her

    xo Marlen
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