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This week was a short one for me since I'm off of work today. Craig's off galavanting in London for a long weekend, it's just me and Toby enjoying each other's company.
+ If there's an Instagram account you need to be following (besides mine), it's Tuna's. My neighbor just introduced me to Tuna and I'm totally in love. He's the cutest.
+ Keeping on this dog theme, here's a bunch of adorable lost dogs being reunited with their owners. Nothing warms my heart more.
+ And! This weekend you can take 30 percent off of your purchase at Gap with the code GAPEGG.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy some of the nicer weather if you're up here in New England!

Oh, and the winner of my "Admission" giveaway is the lovely Jen! I'll be emailing you, so keep an eye on your inbox!


  1. 1) Why is Gap always having these huge sales when I'm on spending freezes.
    2) Why does Craig get to go to London and we don't.
    3) You're super cute and now I want red shoes and more striped shirts.

    1. Right? Let's plan a trip to London without him. Or any boys.


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