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This weekend we had friends over for Sunday dinner, and that called for some comfy cozy dinner clothes. This is what I like to call my weekend uniform. Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is what I wear. Every weekend.
sweater: j.crew via shannon [similar] | t-shirt: gap | jeans: gap | flats: madewell
What do you wear on the weekends? Do you have a uniform?

Also, these flats were the greatest purchase. I highly recommend them. They're super adorable. AND RED!!!!!


  1. Gap's Always Skinny jeans are my absolute fave. I think I'm on my third pair of them.

  2. Love long cozy sweaters like that...not gonna lie, my uniform is usually workout clothes, I wear them but whether or not I actually work out is a mystery haha

  3. Lately my weekend uniform has been flats +flowy knee length dress + drapey cardi. Works every time!

  4. My uniform all winter has been riding boots + pullover sweater + skinny jeans.... until I'm inside and put on Matt's soccer shorts instead of the jeans. And THOSE FLATS = fab.

    1. Most of the time I'm in my sleep pants haha :)

  5. oooh love the red flats. can you say that is my outfit 90% of the time thanks to unemployment i wear lounge clothes most of the day. why because i don't want to get dressed up and why should i wear a cute skirt just around the house, yoga pants and a sweatshirt suit me just fine

  6. Those are the best kinds of outfits. You look great! My weekend uniform looks pretty similar but usually I'm wearing flip flops or boat shoes depending on how hot or cold it is.

    Cute blog. I'm your newest follower.

    FEST (food, style, travel)

  7. I like that your "weekend uniform" still makes you look like a model.

    I'm going to go eat carbs now and dream about looking like you.


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