friday links (running edition)

I'm oscillating between wanting to vomit when I think about the marathon and smiling non-stop. So, you know, just my normal mindset. So I figured, in honor of the marathon and the AMAZINGNESS that is happening in my city this weekend, I'm dedicating my Friday Links to running.
+ So you know earlier this week I was featured on WalkJogRun. This whole week has been devoted to marathoning and I read the most inspiring post from a woman who just started running when she was 22 and is now training for the Olympic Trials.
+ Runners World put together a handy dandy Boston Marathon 2013 guide. I'm probably the only one who's excited about this link. Ignore me.
+ And finally, I'm bringing back the ridiculously photogenic guy. We can only hope we look as good on race day as this guy. 
I hope you all have a beautiful and fun weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Good luck! I will be thinking of you on Monday :)

  2. i wish i had the day off monday so i could come see you, but i have to work! you're the only person i know running so i will have you in my thoughts all day!!! good luck!!

  3. ahhhhh Good luuuuuck!!!!! I will be tracking you via text alerts and sending positive thoughts your way. You can do it! You're going to be a marathoner!

  4. Good luck!! Your running posts have really inspired me and I can't wait to hear the results!

  5. Good luck girl! I'll be thinking of you/sending good vibes your way!

  6. I can't even handle how excited I am for you!!! You are going to kill it, wishing you a relaxing weekend with no nerves! xoxoxo

  7. i did my first marathon in october and loved it.
    word of advice, try not to weave in and out of people (it will be super crowded). you save a ton of energy and NO ONE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE MINE, so i'm taking this time to share my wisdom.

    congrats! you should be super proud of yourself.

    xo the egg out west.


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