marathon monday

Today is the day. Depending on when you're reading this, I might be hanging out in Hopkinton, toeing the start line, running through the cities, or I might even be finished. Today is the day I run a marathon.

This day is kind of bittersweet. I've been waiting for this day for months. And after the marathon, that's it. I mean, I know it's not it, but it sort of is. No more marathoning. Unless I get the crazy idea to do this again, but we'll see about that. For now, I'm really happy. This is, quite possibly, one of the greatest days of my life. I'm so overjoyed to be closing out my twenty-fourth year with such a monumental occasion.
Obviously, today's race is for Dena. However, I have also decided to dedicate each mile of this crazy race to something I am grateful for. I am blatantly stealing this idea from my lovely friend Kate, who ran the marathon last year in the crazy heat. Kate, I hope you don't mind.

So here we go. Gratitude, miles 1-26(.2) in no particular order:
Mile 1: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Mile 2: Strength
Mile 3: Toby
Mile 4: Old friends
Mile 5: New friends
Mile 6: My mom
Mile 7: My sister, brother-in-law and my precious nieces
Mile 8: The other runners
Mile 9: My health
Mile 10: The blogging community
Mile 11: This blog
Mile 12: My education
Mile 13: Boston
Mile 14: Craig
Mile 15: My new family, Craig's family
Mile 16: Dolly (+ Ruby + Zoe)
Mile 17: BAA race organizers + volunteers
Mile 18: Freedom
Mile 19: The strongest legs
Mile 20: Gu Chomps
Mile 21: Downhills
Mile 22: My neighborhood
Mile 23: Inspiration
Mile 24: Being able to make a difference
Mile 25: The bad times
Mile 26: The good times
Mile 26.2: Me. And the fact I'm doing this.
See you out there guys. I don't really know when I'll be back to blogging, but it'll be sometime later this week. In the meantime, do something you've always wanted to do. It always pays off.


  1. you are going to ROCK this! i am so proud of you! xo

  2. I'll be tracking you via text, and I'm watching the race on my computer via live-stream. You're going to kill it! Soon, you'll be a marathoner!!!

  3. You go girl!!!! So amazing and so strong! xoxo

  4. WOOHOOOOOOOO! So incredibly proud of you :) just checked on you--and you're doing awesome :) xoxo {av}

  5. Good luck, and have fun! What an amazing accomplishment. I`m not sure that I could ever run that far.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. hey girl! just heard about the terrible news coming from Boston - sending prayers and hope your way - and good luck!

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way. Let us know you're ok.


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