suit up

Now that the temperatures are inching up-up-up and the sun is staying up longer and longer, I'm dying to get to the beach. And I wouldn't mind cooling off in some water in one of these sweet suits...
clockwise: suit | top + bottom | top + bottom | suit
Just hand me a cold cocktail, and I'll be ready to lounge in a cabana (with some SPF 50, of course!).

Are you ready for summer?


  1. I am ready for summer but I wish we hadn't completely skipped spring here. It went from being cold to being all icky and muggy.

    1. Aw man that's what we had last year, so I feel you on that!

  2. I only bought one new suit this year (since I already have at least 8!) but now I want to buy more!

  3. Omg. Give me. Love the one-pieces especially. Remember that time I spent my entire suit budget on that RueLaLa Lilly sale though......?

  4. Love that one on the top right! Gorgeous. I saw another really cute one at Madewell the other day too. Course I really shouldn't be shopping for bathing suits while I am huge and pregnant! Haha. So excited for summer though.


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