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Summer is usually such a carefree time. You know the feeling. It's light out later and it's so warm you want to get out there and do just everything you've wanted to do all winter. But one of my dearest friends hasn't had that sort of summer. Today is the day that Christin goes in for surgery.
My friendship with Christin is the type I never thought I could find on the Internet. Let's be honest, that's how Christin and I met. We met through our blogs, and while my relationship with lots of bloggers has turned into a friendship, nothing compares to what I've had with her. I couldn't imagine a day without talking to her about everything and anything. She's beautiful inside and out, and she cares so much for everyone in her life. I can only hope to give her the same kind of love back.

I have the utmost confidence that today will go wonderfully for her. She's so strong, and this surgery will only help her be stronger. She's been there for me when I've cried and has laughed with (and at) me during so many fun adventures. I couldn't imagine my life without her now. So join me today in sending her all the good juju today.

So do me a favor and head on over to Christin's little space on the Internet and give her some love today. Because she, more than most people I know, deserves it. Especially today.

Me love you long time <3


  1. SENDING ALL THE GOOD JUJU. {And also, I just had a look through her blog and I LOVE IT. THank you for sharing!}

    Hope you are well, girl! And finding ways to stay cool!


  2. I am so behind on blog reading - I had no idea her surgery was today. I went over there to wish her well!

  3. Sending both of you a giant hug!!! :)

  4. Sending her (+you!) so much love and well wishes!!

  5. Obviously, I just saw this and I'm crying with my cough bear. Love you long time, Alex! I can't imagine my life without you!


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