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We all know I love playing with different makeup and skincare products and lately I've been loving up on some new things. I still love my Josie Maran products, but here's another peek of what I'm putting on my face lately.
bb cream | concealer | finishing powder
The BB cream is far superior to any that I've tried before. It's somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a full-fledged foundation, but with the SPF 55 I feel so safe in the sun. I used to never wear concealer but I took a good look at my undereye circles the other day and realized I seriously need to do something. This Tarte concealer is amazing. A little really goes a long way, which means this tube is going to last me a good long while. And the best way to get everything looking amazing? A finishing powder, and Tarte's is just delightful. You go Tarte. Get on wit' yo bad self.

Have you discovered anything good lately? Let a sistah know.


  1. i need a good undereye concealer, so thanks for your recommendation! and so glad you wear high SPF on your face too :)

  2. My wallet is grateful for the fact that I rarely spend on beauty products (though maybe it would rather face instead of fashion??), but posts like this always tempt me!! That Tarte powder does sound loverly.

  3. I have a Sephora gift card burning a hole in my wallet--I need to check out some of these products ASAP! xoxo

  4. LOVE tarte products! their blush tints/balm are amazing!

  5. That finishing powder is amazing- I just wish it was less expensive!

  6. i love JM products too! curious about that concealer..may need to try it next time.

  7. I've never used Kheils products but I will have to check it out!

    1. Kiehl's is amazing! I loveeeeee their stuff. It's perfect for sensitive skin.

  8. for me it's maybelline one by one amscara (in the pink tube). i have tested it against dior which was my go to for a decade (seriously), and the maybelline is better. very comparable, but overall it's just a bit better than dior. and 20 dollars cheaper. i recommend it to everyone.


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