monday words

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing reception from everyone in regard to my "new" blog. It feels so grown up now, and I'm so glad everyone loves it as much as I do. You guys seriously made my weekend.

Yesterday I was volunteering at the Jimmy Fund Walk here in Boston; it was so inspiring to see so many families coming together to find a cure for cancer. Love the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and everything they do. Today, I'm off super early covering a breakfast event for work, and I'm just a little bit frazzled running around the city.

But hey, here are some words to start your week off right.
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So. Very. True.


  1. Love it all! The new look is simple and I love the title! you are right, a much better fit :)

  2. i love the new blog title and layout! :) congrats on making the change!


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