race recap: whole foods market 5k

Welp. I made my big debut back into racing yesterday and it felt great. I missed it. In the spring, I ran the Harpoon 5 Miler, but for some reason I don't equate that with a race. I associate that with drinking my face off on a Sunday morning.

So I raced yesterday at the Whole Foods Market 5K in Cambridge. It was a beautiful day in the upper 60s with a ton of sunshine. I spent most of the race wondering why I had such a terrible case of dry mouth. Seriously, it was bad. And for some reason I felt really really slow.

I don't know what it was, but my legs felt super heavy during my middle mile. But somehow, I still pulled a nearly two minute PR on my 5K time. I finished in 28:16, with 9:06 miles. Wut? I've never raced that fast. So. Shit man. Somehow over the last 18 months, I've dropped almost a whole minute off of my mile in a 5K. WOOP. I'll take it.
Craig and Toby came to cheer me on, but I'm pretty sure Toby stole the show with everyone else at the race. Everyone was stopping us to say hi and pet him. Oh, and yes, I wore my Boston Marathon singlet during the race. I wanted to finish a race in it. It was nice to toe the start and cross the finish line in it. Oh, and my pants? Lululemon run inspire crops. I don't want to race in anything else ever again.

Solid day. Solid entry back into racing. It's so good to be back. I've got another 5K next Sunday, so let's try to PR again. I mean, why not?


  1. Congrats on the PR!
    I'm glad you got to finish a race in your singlet-that must have felt good.

  2. congrats! sometimes its funny how when you think you feel really bad, you run your best.

  3. Congrats on the PR! I am dying to break 30 minutes in a 5K (I should probably attempt some speed work...), so I'm jealous. And isn't this just the best running weather? I love fall!

    1. Thanks girl! It had been my goal for a really long time and I'm SO excited it's happened :)

  4. congrats on completing this! i have only done one 5k and i hated it...but i would like to try and get back into running again.

  5. Wooo! That's awesome girl, way to go! Also, I'm pretty sure I need to go to Lululemon and get those pants, so cute! xoxo

  6. with it being a whole food market 5k did they have delish post race food?? congrats on dropping down on your time, keep it up!

  7. A whole minute?! That's amazing–go you!

  8. Yayyyyy! Gotta love a surprise PR!

  9. i love good running days that coincide with race days - congrats!


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