how to have a lady night

Last Friday night, my friend Sarah and I decided to stay in, cook some food and watch an awesome movie. The perfect Friday night.

Sarah introduced me to this drool-worthy food blog, and he recently posted a fig and goat cheese dessert pizza with coffee topped with maple whipped cream. So why fix something that ain't broken? We made his meal, except we replaced fresh figs with some fig jam.
However with the whipped cream recipe, we used coconut milk instead of heavy cream. To do this, you refrigerate a can of coconut milk overnight, so the milk separates from the water. Spoon the milk out, and use it as regular whipping cream. You need to whip it a little bit longer, probably about six or seven minutes, but it's so worth it. Mixed with the maple. Oh. Man. So good.
I mean, I fully plan on making this for all lady nights in the future. So lady friends, get ready. Because this stuff is delicious.


  1. Ummm ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That sounds like the best thing anyone has ever eaten.

  2. Stopstopstop this sounds amazing. Frankly I cannot resist anything with a mix of bread and goat cheese.

  3. Wow.

    *invites herself to ladies night*

  4. OMG. Yes indeed that looks amazing. I mean figs and goat cheese...can't go wrong!

  5. love this tip on making whipped cream with coconut milk - thank you!

  6. This is unfair! This pizza with figs and goat cheese..?! It makes me hungry even though I've already had dinner! haha This seriously sounds great, I have to try it!


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