The other night, my work hosted this huge event all about women in politics and inspiring women to do those things. And while I'm not in politics (nor do I think I ever will be), it felt super empowering to be around so many amazing women who were just all about each other succeeding. It's a really nice feeling, and one that I'm lucky to feel at work more days than not. Women are the greatest, guys. Freal.
Oh, and my Internet is being super shitty lately, so please excuse my absence. I hate Comcast more than you know.


  1. i love this quote! i totally agree and would love to inspire just one person in some way :)

  2. Love it. We're all in this together!

  3. I just found your blog and totally love it. New follower over here!

    Also, I love this quote. And kind of hate Comcast too. Though not as much as Time Warner Cable... ;)


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