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The coolest gal on the block, Chrisitn, tagged me in a little Q&A that's going around now. I always love these because it gives a closer look at bloggers. Makes them more human, ya know? So let's do it, shall we?
1. Favorite flower? 
Calla lilies, for the win.

2. Most and least organized space in your home?
Most organized is definitely the bedroom. I make the bed every morning. Least? My closet. I don't want to talk about it.

3. What book have you read recently that really moved you?
Reading I Am Malala , and she's seriously amazing.

4. What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving dinner?
Mashed potatoes, but since this year Thanksgiving coincides with Hanukkah I'm wicked pumped for LATKES.

5. How do you take your coffee?
Depends. If it's iced, I like it black with some simple syrup. Hot, one packet of sugar in the raw and some almond milk.

6. Thing you miss most about high school?
Uh. Nothing? Kidding. Sort of. I miss playing the violin sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.

7. Most memorable concert?
So this is hard. Like. Really hard. Recently Craig and I went to see Chad Stokes on his living room tour, which was super personal (we were actually in someone's living room) with only 50 people. We got to meet him and I asked if he'd play at our wedding. It's still TBD.

8. Dots or stripes?
GAH. Stripes.

9. How do you unwind before bed?
After I wash my face and brush my teethies and take out my eyeballs (my contacts), I put myself in bed for a solid 30 minutes and read. I read magazines or books, but I read. I put away my phone and my computer and just peace out. 

Now I get to tag some fun peeps! I tag Emily, Elizabeth, Taylor and Alyssa! And, ya know, feel free to make fun of me for my love of latkes and my violin-playing days.


  1. I die at that photo of you and Tobs. And I really need to adapt your bedtime routine because I think I literally collapsed last night without even thinking about it and was so confused when I woke up 7 hours later.
    YAY ok my turn thanks button!

    1. Oh man some nights I feel like that too though. You wake up in the morning like WTF HAPPENED?!

  2. First of all, that picture is so adorable, I can't handle it! Secondly, who would ever make fun of your love for latkes? Maybe people who've never had them? Because they're delicious! And now I'm hungry... ;)

  3. shut the front door - you picked ME? so fun and so much pressure! (not really, mostly fun) stay tuned...

  4. Love your bedtime routine! I need to start doing that as well. I always have such good intentions but never follow through. Reading for those 30 minutes before bed sounds so delightful. This is going to be my new mission in life. xo Moe

  5. I've never had a good latke, any recommendations? Or recipes?
    And VIOLIN?! You're so cool, wish I could play. Always thought that was the prettiest instrument to play.

    1. Aw thank you love! And for a good latke, head over to Zaftigs! The best in town!


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