do you believe you're missing out?

I feel like lately everyone is chasing after something something something that isn't what they have. I don't know. It seems silly. Really silly. I stumbled upon this quote on the Tumblr machine and I was just like "yes yes this is what i want to ask everyone!"
That quote is from this song. And. Well. It's just appropriate.
Happy Monday.


  1. i especially feel that way when i look at other people's blogs! it's like poison to my spirit! but i also love it. a no-win sitch.


  2. Some people call this FOMO, but I call it Pinterest Syndrome. What people post on their social media isn't their real life! No one's life is perfectly curated all the time!

    Also, love the Brand New throwback. :-) I used to listen to Deja Entendu all the time in high school.

    1. Brand New was everything in high school! And I agree. Social media breeds a curated life.

  3. Definitely with regards to social media. Especially Instagram. I HAVE to stop looking at that as I'm lying awake in bed and can't sleep. I need to stay in the moment right here and remember that that is what's important.

  4. Totally feeling this lately. I've got a blog post in the works about it. I met another blogger at an event last week and she had such a great outlook - she said that her blog is where she goes to get away from a crappy day job, traffic, family drama, whatever is negative in life. All things considered, our lives are pretty damn good most of the time. Especially when there's Brand New to listen to.


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