Last night I made some muffins, but I realized halfway through baking them that I forgot the sugar.

That should give you some indication as to how this week will go.

But hey, let's remember...
So, you know, forgetting the sugar and having a sleepy week will prepare me for epic muffins one day and the greatest week ever.

And the winner of my Target giveaway is Helen! Congratulations lady friend, and keep an eye out for an email from me!


  1. Oh no! Were they terrible? Maybe a little icing can save them!

  2. i remember one thanksgiving when my mum forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin pie. she didn't realize though until we tried it and were all like...EWWWWW THIS IS GROSS! haha we still laugh about it to this day. :) happy week!

  3. My motto is that every mistake is just practice toward getting it right. I bet you'll never forget sugar again! :)
    Also, I once went to a Thanksgiving dinner where the person in charge of making Derby pie had used salt INSTEAD of sugar. That's even worse!

  4. I made cupcakes with applesauce once. It was not good.

    And that quote gives me the chills-- you MUST see About Time when it comes out, totally reminds me of something from that!

    1. AHHH Craig and I were JUST talking about seeing About Time! I'm so excited for it!


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