a recipe post: mini peppermint whoopie pies

Last weekend, the absolutely, positively amazing Elizabeth invited a few bloggers over for a little holiday/lookbook party. Because, you know, Elizabeth makes some seriously gorgeous jewels. All. By. Hand. So I said I would whip up a hand-held dessert, because you obviously need your other hand for a drink. Obviously.
Mini peppermint whoopie pies
I cannot take credit for the recipe I made, however. I must credit this to the fine folks at Whole Foods. I used this recipe, to a T, and they turned out SERIOUSLY delicious.
Mini peppermint whoopie pies
I'll be sharing some more posts from this awesome party later on this week, including the quickest look into what I wore.

But I will leave you with Elizabeth's dog, Fenway. Because I LOVE pet portraits.


  1. I think I should've made you all sign a waiver that you couldn't be so gushing because now I'm gushing. I'm so so glad you came and I can't wait to see the photos but until then, this photo of Fenway is THE MOST!

    (and you took it with your fixed 50mm didn't you?)

    1. It wasn't my party but I'll gush if I want to!

      Also I feel like a hipster talking about a fixed-gear bike but FIXIES FO LYFE. I do everything with my 50mm!

  2. Look at that underbite on Fenway. What a doll! Doggie Kisses for life!

  3. can i please come to the next one of these?! jewels and an adorable dog and homemade treats? yes please :)

  4. I am all about anything peppermint this time of year, and these look fantastic!

  5. i love making whoopie pies at christmas time, i usually use paula deen's recipe!

  6. WHAT ARE THESE I WANT THEM ASAP. Need cookies for an exchange (not what you think) next week and may have to resort to thesseeee babies.


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