doggnog (really, doggnog)

So I decided to whip up something different for Toby for the holidays. I made him some doggie eggnog. Doggnog, if you will.
I found the recipe via the awesome site DogVacay, which features a ton of awesome articles about your pup. They also help you find a dog sitter in your hood when you need it. So that's pretty clutch. The fine folks over there curated an awesome list of holiday recipes for your dog, and I know Toby is drooling thinking of the possibilities.
Toby tested, Alex approved.


  1. Hahahha I die this is the cutest idea!!

  2. I am seriously doing this for my little pup! Thank you for posting looks like he loves it!
    Kristin xx

  3. he looks like he is really enjoying it :) happy new year alex!!!


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