ECS Holiday_Decorations
So let's recap, shall we? Bring together a bunch of fabulous bloggers in a fabulous house with fabulous food + drink and fabulous baubles and what do you get? The most fabulous Sunday this side of ever.
ECS Holiday_Decor
Elizabeth graciously hosted us, encouraged us to stop mid-conversation to Instagram and take photos, and gave us the chance to rock some seriously adorable baubles (my look coming soon!).
ECS Holiday_Necklace
ECS Holiday_Jewels
Kate created the most fabulous cocktail to go with our event, and they looked simply marvelous paired with Elizabeth's hand-painted glasses.
ECS Holiday_Blogger Bellini
I have some seriously talented friends. Seriously. Just seeing what we brought together amazed me. KellyAmanda, Ana, Janee, Anna and Alaina all brought brilliant ideas, food and decor. It was just the best way to spend an afternoon.
ECS Holiday_YBYB Garland
And, of course, bloggers capturing bloggers capturing bloggers happened.
ECS Holiday_Bloggers
I'll close it out with the girl of the hour, Fenway (what, you thought it was Elizabeth?)!
ECS Holiday_Fenway2
ECS Holiday_Fenway


  1. I can NOT believe you got one of her high five!!! and she will be thrilled/relieved when I tell her you sais she was the girl of the hour. xoxoxo

  2. that last picture is ridiculously cute

  3. Blogger meetups are the best.

    What is that horseshoe crab looking item? I love it.

  4. Ah this makes me want to have a little blogger get-together! Wish WE lived closer Alex. Not only because our names are rad, but because I think we would have a blast together. So glad you all had a great time!

  5. This looks amazing!! Gosh darn her stuff is beautiful, I can only imagine a party at her home would be just as chic!

  6. oh you got some gooooood fenway pics. that pup is too much!


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