gift guide: for the ladies

It's that time again. HOLIDAYS (CELEBRATE). Preparing for the holidays always leaves me stressed because I can never figure out what to get people. So this year, I've jumped on the bandwagon of GIFT GUIDES. I won't lie. Doing this has helped me figure out what to get my loved ones.

First up, we've got gifts for the ladies. Because sometimes we're the worst to buy for. I'm looking at you, Mom.
hat | clarisonic | watch | phone case | sweater | clutch | boots
What's on your list to buy the ladies in your life?


  1. That cat iPhone case is adorable!

  2. okay i need that phone case. and my sister needs those booties.

  3. My mom is totally the hardest to shop for as well! I just wind up having to ask her. :-/ love these ideas though! Especially those sweaters!

  4. I find it alternates every year who is harder to shop for my mom or my dad. Usually, its my dad but this year its 100% my mom. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. my mother and i could exchange gifts all day long but other ladies not so much. my girls have been begging for a clarisonic...

  6. I have a Clarisonic and I'm obsessed with it! Great picks :)


  7. Bahhh love love love. I ALWAYS forget to drop the hint that I want a Clarisonic-- hope it's not too late!

  8. My Christmas list is basically my gift guide I did today for the blog :) Hoping my husband takes a hint from my post. HA! great choices!

    Alecia @


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