gift guide: for the men

Happy Monday! Let's kick this week off with gift ideas for the men in our lives, shall we? There's just over two weeks left to get everything ready, and I'm totally unprepared. Men are hard to shop for too, freal.
bag | tie | shirt | watch | socks | shaving kit | wallet
If you're looking for more gift ideas for the guys, check out the one Bonobos put together. It's seriously amazing, and full of spectacular ideas.


  1. DONTTELLMATT I finally decided I want to get him a bag and that looks like a winner! Must go investigate in person now...

  2. that art of shaving suggestion is spot on - my husband loves that stuff!

  3. i love that watch! i have no guy to shop for this year and honestly i'm kinda excited about it... ;)

  4. Yep I definitely got that bag for my boyfriend! Shhhh. And last year I got him a very similar tie. So basically this is an incredibly accurate gift guide! ;)

  5. I am horrible at coming up with ideas for men! I love the idea of dress socks in the stockings!


  6. this site actually has pretty legit jeans, surprising considering they're super-inexpensive.....talking $25-35 a pair here.... I also used twenty10 promo code to receive 10% off orders over $100!


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