saying goodbye

While the past few days with Jolene have had their amazing moments, unfortunately it all hasn't been roses. Things just aren't working out the way we wanted it to between Toby and Jolene, and we've made the decision to let Jolene find a better home.

Toby is, and always has been, a great dog. He's stolen a big piece of my heart, and he's incredibly sweet and goofy. He just doesn't happen to like having Jolene in his space. He began exhibiting some aggressive behavior we hadn't seen before, and each day it got worse instead of better.

Jolene doesn't deserve that sort of treatment. She deserves to be in a home where there is so much love, and while Craig and I can give her plenty of love, she also deserves it from any other dogs in the home.

This was a really hard decision, and not one we made lightly. Many tears were shed, and my heart broke so many times. But Toby's quality of life, as well as Jolene's, shouldn't suffer because of what we want. I so so wish things had turned out differently. That Toby would wake up in the morning and suddenly be ok with Jolene being here. That he would realize, hey, it's kind of cool having another one of me here. But it didn't happen that way.

But we tried. We gave it a shot because we thought it would make Toby happy. We put time and energy into Jolene and I don't regret a moment of it. She's a great dog. She's going to make someone really happy. I just know it.

I'm going to miss Jolene, but I know she's off to better things and so are we. Everything will be ok in the end, but I'm still very sad she's not here anymore.


  1. awww, this must be so hard. i'm a huge animal lover too so i know i'd be crying and torn up about it. but i'm sure jolene will find a great new home!! xoxo

  2. I can't even imagine how hard it was for all of you. I love that you tried, I love that you made it right even though it felt wrong. xoxoxo

  3. So sorry about Jolene, Alex, but you guys made the right call!

  4. Oh man, that is such a hard choice but it sounds like it was definitely the right one, although that doesn't make it any easier :( I can totally relate to what you're going through though...when I was in high school, we decided to get a second dog (a puppy) and she didn't end up getting along with our family dog (who was older) and our family dog who was normally super sweet ended up being very aggressive toward the new parents knew we had to find the puppy a new home, but my sister and I cried and cried when we got rid of the new dog...but it was ultimately for the best. And as much as it sucks, it's so much better you made this choice now rather than waiting for months before coming to the same conclusion as it would have been that much harder...Jolene looked like a sweet dog, and I'm sure she'll find a great home! Hugs to you and your fam :)

  5. Awwwww, I am so sorry, Alex. That's a really tough thing to go through. But I do believe things happen for a reason, and if it wasn't meant to be, then that just means there are better things for Jolene and for you guys. Hang in there! xoxoxo

  6. Oh no! I can imagine that was a hard decision but you're smart to put the pups first!



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