weekend bits

With Christmas inching closer and closer, it's crazy to think how quickly this year has gone by. We're apparently supposed to get some snow this weekend, which I'm sort of excited about. The first real snowfall is always exciting to see. Then it gets really obnoxious.
+ There's a new web series out and it's seriously hilarious. It's called PINCHED, and it's about this gal named Madge who's a pickpocket. It also happens to star my BFF Christin. You should watch it and subscribe to the channel.
+ 20 ecstatic shelter dogs on their way home for the first time. It's just as good as it sounds.
+ This story about a young homeless girl in NYC has been making the rounds, and I think you ought to read it too. Long reads are good for you.

Happy happy weekend all!


  1. I was completely enthralled with both the dogs and the homelessness story when I read them early in this week. Now I have to watch the web series since you clearly have such good taste!

  2. first snow is always the best! love your boots

  3. the nyc story is so, so powerful. lots of questions and feelings - a great recommend.

  4. OMG the shelter dogs. Melts my heart. :)


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