things to eat just outside of boston: robert's maine grill

Maine seems kind of far away, but Kittery is only about an hour north of Boston. So on a dreary Saturday, Sarah and I escaped to Maine for a day of photographing nature, a little shopping and a lunch at Robert's Maine Grill.
Robert's is right in the middle of all the outlets Kittery is known for. Inside it's big and spacious, so never let the crowded parking lot fool you. Everyone who works there is insanely nice and those big windows let in delicious light. That's right. Delicious.
Also the staff didn't bat an eyelash at our need to document our meal. So, you know, I'm a big fan of them.
I won't tell you what to order off the menu because everything looked delicious (I got the fish and chips and highly recommend it though). However, you probably should do yourself a favor and order the fried cheese because look at this perfection:

So if you need a day out of the city, head to Kittery. You can go shopping and get delightful food and there's a giant candy store full of everything you could ever want.

And scenes like this:
Robert's Maine Grill + Market
326 Route 1
Kittery, Maine


  1. Looks so good! I love that we live in a part of the country where we can skip around to different states. Going to need to check out this restaurant.

  2. I always get the RMG salad when we go there! We have a beach house in ME, we frequent Roberts often.

  3. Ohmygaawwd your photos. Stunnahs. Also you KNOW I am always in need of good New England day-trip suggestions so definitely adding this one to the list!

    1. I felt like you heading off and traveling for the day :)

  4. Oh my gosh. Maine is definitely on our travel list. This looks like the perfect escape. What scenery!

  5. I had no idea Maine was that close to Boston. I'm there a couple times a year. I should head up! : )


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