a post on balance

what is balance, really? some days i really think i've got it all figured out, where i carefully segment my days and get all my work done at work, get my blogging planned + written ahead of time, and have plenty of time to sit around and play with craig + toby.

but, to be totally honest, with our wedding just a few months away, i feel like balance is starting to escape me. my projects seem to be getting away from me and time slips away and i just feel so...lost. i'm scurrying around trying to get these things done and i just don't seem to have enough hours in the day.

i'm struggling to get my balance back. to figure out a way to keep everything afloat. i've been stressed, and i've snapped and cried more often than i want to admit. it's frustrating, and it makes me sad because i'm not intentionally trying to be a bitch to people. i just can't seem to find my balance.

the good news for me is that this isn't forever. the wedding will be here, then i'll run the marathon and then things will go back to normal. but i know i can't keep grasping for straws until then.

so i'm making a change. i'm prioritizing things a little differently around here. i can't say for sure if this will effect my blog, but i think you guys might have noticed lately that i'm not sticking to a "post every day" mentality. i'm going to continue posting when i feel inspired and when i feel i have something to say. an outfit to share. something i'm really excited about. you probably won't notice a difference in it, but it's nice for me to know i'm not holding myself accountable for x posts a week.

realistically, it's mostly my social life that's going to suffer over the next few months, but i'm really ok with that. i have a few important things happening, and i'm so so excited for them to get here. and, at the end of the day, missing out on a few nights out with friends will be worth it when i get to share so many more amazing things with them.

how do you find your balance?

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