#pcpups: happy national love your pet day!

It's no secret, I love Toby. Like a lot. He's spoiled in the best possible way, and he means everything to me. The folks over at Personal Creations inspired me to talk about how pet owners pamper their little furry friends, so for National Love Your Pet Day, I'm going to tell you about the day we adopted Toby.
We were scheduled to meet Toby on a Sunday, and Craig spent the whole weekend telling me we most definitely would not be bringing Toby that day. Under no circumstance were we supposed to adopt a dog that day. We had no food, no beds, no nothing. No dog. Just a meeting.

Ok Craig, sure.

Toby came out of the car full of energy. He had a sort of independent, street dog swagger. The rescue insisted on bringing another pup they thought we might like, just in case. But Toby stole our hearts. We walked down the street with him, and his loyalty to us was instantaneous. We stopped walking, and he stopped and just looked at us. That's when Craig looked at me and said, "Well, we can't let him go back with them today."

And Toby was ours. We signed the paperwork, brought him upstairs, and slowly realized what we had done. And that we had a whole lot of nothing. So we scrambled around that day until we had everything we needed for him. It definitely took Toby a little while to warm up to us. He spent a solid 30 minutes after we got home from our Petco excursion hiding under our bed. But I knew just how to lure him out of there: treats. After a few handfuls, he was snuggling with us, and he's been snuggling with us ever since.

A lot has changed in the two and a half years since Toby came home with us. His fur has gotten thicker, shinier and softer; we've redecorated, gotten engaged and tried to bring another dog home. But overall, Toby has given us everything we've ever wanted in a dog: devotion, unconditional love and a whole lot of playtime. And when it comes down to pampering him, I always go back to our old faithful: treats (he loves bacon treats).

So tell me, how did you get your pup, and how do you pamper them? And make sure you give 'em a squeeze for National Love Your Pet Day!

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