a few more running thoughts

sorry guys, but i had some more thoughts during my long run this weekend. so i'm going to share them with you. obviously.
18 miler
it seems like my pie-in-the-sky goal time isn't such a pie-in-the-sky goal, but i'm not holding my breath for such a speedy finish. i've come to accept that just finishing this marathon will be good enough for me. after everything from last year, i know i'll be proud of myself even if i have to crawl across that finish line. i will get there. i most definitely will.

the idea of actually being a marathoner in just a few weeks (four, to be exact) is kind of crazy to me. i know i'm probably beating a dead horse saying this, but i wasn't really a runner just three years ago. so to go from zero to marathon in three years is kind of mind-boggling. i don't think about it often, but three years ago running a mile was painful. this weekend i ran 18 miles, and took a solid minute and change per mile off from my time last year. i'm running smarter, faster and i feel so strong.

twenty-five has been a life-changing year for me, and it seems fitting to basically close out this year running boston with 35,999 of my closest friends. hell, i can't wait to run this marathon as a byer (not legally, but you get it).

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