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The weekend is finally here, and I'm excited to get some wedding things done and to get an 18 mile run in. You know, the usual.
+ This is an older piece, but it resurfaced in my Pocket this week. Marina Keegan was a promising writer who died in a car accident just after she graduated from college. Her piece "Cold Pastoral" is refreshing, and it reminds me how sad it is that she passed too soon.
+ Buzzfeed Longreads are always super interesting because they combine some bits of pop culture and news. A YouTube video called "I Killed A Man" went viral last fall, and this piece examines the accident, and how the video came to light.
+ The New York Times published a great article about how one man reached out to his autistic son through the powers of Disney. It's touching. Honestly. Made me cry.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy the weather! YAY SPRING!

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