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now that i'm a few weeks away from the marathon, i've had time to really reflect on the fact that 'holy shit i'm really getting married and running a marathon within two weeks of each other.' i might be clinically insane. i haven't actually figured that out yet.
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for a really long time i thought i was going to have a really shitty marathon. i've been focusing so much on the wedding and getting everything just right, that i just accepted that this marathon was on the back burner. i haven't been pushing myself too hard with my long runs, i've been staying in when i know conditions aren't safe, and i've really just been focusing more on feeling good than running my hardest.

but this weekend i went out for my 16 miler and was pleasantly surprised. i felt good. not just ok and not just so-so. i actually felt really good. and happy. three hours went by in no time, and i had shaved a minute per mile off my training times from last year.

i'm not anticipating that the marathon will feel exactly like this, or i'll go just as fast, or anything like that. but it gave me hope. hope that maybe this wasn't the dumbest idea i've ever had, and maybe (just maybe) i can finish this marathon with my lofty pie-in-the-sky goal time.

i'm not holding my breath, but you never know.

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