some days

some days time feels infinite. like every second is stretched to an eternity and i can do everything i want. some days it feels like life is going by too quickly. like i can't keep up. and i desperately want to slow it down.

some days i feel like i'm on top of the world. like there's nothing in my way. everything is so perfect. some days i am an absolute failure. i can't do anything right, and i'm constantly digging myself into a hole of doubt.

some days are better than others. some days are worse. some days give me hope for a better future. that life isn't so bad, and maybe living in this world isn't turning me into a cold, hard person. some days ruin my faith in humanity.

but the thing with some days is that there's always next days. and the next day is never like the day before. and maybe it won't be better than the last, but eventually it will be. things always turn around.

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