thoughts on bad runs

bad runs happen. i'd be lying if i said all my runs were always perfect. and on saturday, i had a bad run.
it started out ok; i was mentally prepared for 20 miles and was raring to go. but somewhere around mile 9, i started to feel myself slip. my hips started to hurt, then my thighs, then the rest of my legs.

at mile 10, i hit the halfway point of my run, and pulled over to take off my coat and reevaluate how i was feeling. i stretched out my legs and thought i'd be ok. four miles of serious pain later, i figured it was time to call it quits.

see, my wedding is this weekend. i know i haven't been sharing a lot beyond the fact that the wedding and the marathon are close together, but my wedding is this weekend. and when i thought about my legs going through another six miles of pain, then trying to heal them this week, i knew it wasn't going to happen.

so i hobbled my way to the train and took it home. i sat in an ice bath and tried to stretch/foam roll the pain away. i feel a lot better now, though a bit defeated.

but here's the thing i realized while i was on the train: bad runs will happen. and good runs will happen. but i only have one wedding to my best friend. and i want it to be the greatest night of my entire life, and i want to spend my whole night dancing with my friends and craig.

so cutting my run short sucked, and i hope it doesn't hurt my marathon too much. but if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go finish getting ready for my wedding.

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