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we're exactly one week away from the marathon, and i'm surprisingly calm about it. thinking about where i was a year ago, i feel much more confident in myself, even if my training hasn't been exactly stellar. i'm excited, but i'm also feeling more and more emotional each time i think about the race.
i don't know what the day is going to feel like. will my legs feel ok? will i go out too fast (probably my downfall from last year)? did i train hard enough? WILL I EVER REACH THE GODDAMN FINISH LINE?!

i ran down to boylston street early on saturday morning to be part of sports illustrated's next cover, and it felt weird. i could feel my heart catching in my chest with each step, because i've never run that part of the marathon route before. i ran part of it last year, but i don't really remember it. when i hit the cross streets where i was stopped, i felt weird. like i shouldn't be here. but i powered on.

i ran through kenmore, onto commonwealth, made the right onto hereford then, finally, the left onto boylston. and i started to well up. i know it wasn't actually the marathon, but i just had a feeling that was...i don't know. it felt weird. i didn't actually get to the finish line on saturday because of the crowd waiting for the photograph to be taken, but i think that's ok. i want to cross the finish line on marathon monday. i want to have earned the right to be there.

so here we are. seven days from the second biggest day of my year, and i'm just so excited for it all. i'm excited to be part of history, to do something so much bigger than myself. i can't wait to see all the smiles, from friends + strangers. i just can't wait for it to be here.

if you want, you can track me next monday. my bib is 26548, and if you text that to 345678 you'll receive updates when i reach 10K, half marathon, 30K and when i finally cross that glorious finish line.

i don't know much about what next week will be like, but i know it will be a very special day for boston.

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