advice for grads

so it's graduation season, and scrolling through npr's "best commencement speeches, ever" has gotten me thinking about advice i'd give if i were ever given the honor of speaking at a commencement (hey colleges, i'm free). so here's a bulleted list of advice.
take advice from me, i wear shirts and pearls and sometimes wash my hair
+ breathe. everything's going to be ok.
+ call your parents. they'll appreciate it.
+ and while you're at it, call your friends. texting and snapchatting and commenting on each other's instagrams is fine and dandy, but you need to call.
+ trust yourself. you're a lot smarter than you think.
+ hey ladies! don't go into an interview with chipped polish.
+ hey everyone! cut your vents.
+ don't be afraid of making new friends. you need all kinds of friends in your life, including adult ones.
+ do things that make you uncomfortable. it's easy to settle into a routine and go with the flow, but make sure you're still challenging yourself.
+ put your phone down and listen.
+ wear clothes that fit the size you are, not the size you wish you were. you'll look a lot better.
+ tell people you love them when you mean it.
+ don't tell people you love them because you think you're supposed to.
+ don't forget your passions.
+ at the end of the day, remember you're pretty amazing. honestly.

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