of note

+ brunch at fairsted kitchen is quite delicious. the menu is small, but the food is good. that's what counts. oh and the tea cups just slay me.
+ i ended up buying this flowy dress instead of the one i mentioned last week. i'm a huge fan and can't wait to rock it at an upcoming wedding (my first as a married lady!).
+ npr catalogued the greatest commencement speeches, and i'm so obsessed with it. my favorites are from ira glass and jonathan safran foer. so many words of wisdom.
+ those lime bars i mentioned yesterday? they ended up being pretty tasty, but still kind of ugly. so i used this recipe, but only used 1/2 cup of lime juice. because i didn't have any more in my house. happens. i actually think 1/2 cup was enough because anything more would have been too tart.
+ i need everyone's honest opinion: should i get this hat? i really like it, but i don't know. gah.

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