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did you immediately think of this song when you saw the post title? if so, bravo. life has been incredibly busy lately, hence the lack of posting, but i did want to check in.

so hello! hi! i've missed being here more often! i promise things will go back to normal (ish) sometime soon, but in the meantime, here are some things that are catching my eye lately.
+ i'm contemplating putting this dress in my life, because i obviously need more flowy dresses in my life this summer. really, i just need more maxi dresses.
+ sweating it out at soulcycle chestnut hill has been really helping me get out of my post-marathon exercising slump. it's fun and makes me feel like a rockstar. if you haven't checked it out yet, you really ought to.
+ this bag made it into my life recently (post-marathon gift to myself!), and life hasn't been the same since. it's amazing, fits everything i need, and is the right mix of not-too structured and not-too slouchy. color me obsessed.
+ i'm running this race at the beginning of june; is anyone else going to be there? i think it's going to be a really awesome time!
+ and if you're in the mood for a long read this monday, here you go. enjoy.

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