on turning twenty-six

today is my twenty-sixth birthday. that's kind of weird to think about. my twenty-fifth year was both long and short, all at the same time. in some ways, it felt infinite, like i could be twenty-five forever. but in other ways, it felt like it went by too quickly, and there are so many other things i wish i could squeeze into 364 days.

but twenty-five is done. i got a lot done in my quarter-century on this earth. i've been educated, both in the classroom and in life. i've made and lost friends. i've found love a few times, but i've tumbled head-over-heels into love just once. i've found and abandoned passions, and i've discovered my ultimate passion: running. i've tried and i've failed and i've taken leaps of faith and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. i've married my best friend and run a marathon, all in the same month.

it's hard for me to think that twenty-six could, in any way, shape or form, top twenty-five. i think that's impossible. but i do think twenty-six is going to hold many new opportunities for me, and it will surprise me. it will force me to think differently about my life as a whole and it will change me. because each year does that. and i'm sure when it's all said and done, i won't be able to fathom how twenty-seven can top twenty-six.

i think i've been lucky. each year has gotten better and better for me, so i can never definitively say xx year was the greatest year ever. so here's to another greatest year ever. i'm so excited to see it all.
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