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last week, i was invited by kelly and molly to participate in this cool project called the writing process blog tour. i'll answer a few questions about how i get to writing here on this blog, then i'll pass it on! fun, right?
1) what am i working on?
right now, i think i'm working on finding a new place with this blog. for a while i tried real hard to make this a fashion-y blog, and it didn't really ring true to me. i started this blog to be creative and have fun, not to launch a business. so i'm taking a step back and working on content i'm really proud of instead of posts every day just to have them.

2) how does my work differ from others of its genre?
i lump myself into the "lifestyle blogger" community, but i like to also think of it as a mini guide to boston. there are a lot of cool things to do in this city, and i like giving people advice on some things to do. i also like to think i give enough emotion to my writing that it's very distinctly me.

3) why do i write what i do?
i like sharing things. i like having a space to get words out there. and mostly, i write what i do because i like it.

4) how does my writing process work?
this depends on the week. some weeks i'll come up with a bunch of ideas and i'll write them down and schedule them out. some weeks, things will hit me the night before i post, and i'll get those words out. with my recipes, i'll try them out to make sure they're delicious before i share it. and i'll generally only share things i make if i really really like them. there have been a lot of flops out there that you haven't seen.

i'm passing this off to my awesome blog friend turned real-life friend, emily. her blog is amazing, full of fun and fashion. she'll let you know how things work on her end next monday!

happy memorial day, everyone!

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