a story of a tattoo

so i realize i sort of just dropped a bomb a few weeks ago and never fully explained myself. so about that time i got a tattoo...
in a way, me getting a tattoo was sort of an impulse decision. but it also wasn't. i thought for years about getting a tattoo. for a while i thought i wanted something small on my wrist. but i realized quickly it was hard to figure out something so small that really defined me. so i traded spots. maybe my ribs? maybe my back? then i settled on my foot. to be totally fair, i was influence by two of my great friends (sarah + emily), who both have tattoos on their feet. i liked that it was there, but it was never overly visible.

so what to get? what describes me as a person? life hasn't been all sunshine and roses. it's been a real struggle, and sometimes it can be hard to describe how this has changed me as a person. i grew up really fast, and quickly found out how to take care of myself. growing up in a single parent household is hard, and it forces children to become adults. but, of course, even as an adult i've struggled with figuring out life.

so when i stumbled across this quote, it felt like i finally found something that told my life. it said a lot about me, in just a few words. aut inveniam viam aut faciam. i will either find a way, or make one.

five days after the marathon, and immediately following a soulcycle class, i called up sarah and we went to good faith tattoo. initially i said we'd just go to talk with an artist and think about it, but it turned out he was free and i had a foot and...well...why not?
foot tattoo
people have asked me if it hurt, but pain is relative. after running a pretty brutal marathon and a spinning class, it's safe to say that my pain threshold was pretty high. it hurt for a second, but it really wasn't that bad. except for the m on faciam. that hurt pretty bad.

my good friend (and wedding officiant!) jesse told me after i got it that i was more of a make one kind of a girl, but i'm not so sure. mostly, i like to think of it as a reminder. when things get tough, and the path toward the end isn't clearly visible, i know i can make my own way out.

anywho, that's the story of my tattoo. my mom's response when i got it was "no shit," so that was a lot better than what i thought it would be. most people barely notice it (it took my office a solid few weeks to see it), and i still get a little jolt sometimes when i look down and see it. i did it! it's there forever!
adorn52 necklace
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