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this weekend was perfect in every which way. we had plenty of time to relax, see friends, play with toby and his pup friends, eat lots of good food, squeeze in some runs, and enjoy the beautiful weather. really, what more could you want?
+ i had this bookmarked in my pocket for a while, and finally got around to reading it this weekend. anyone who's loved (or loved to hate) a nicholas sparks book or movie needs to read it. it's crazy how his books/movies have really created this ideal that "true love conquers and endures all."
+ 'tis the season for tank tops so you know i'm stocking up from everlane. there's nothing more perfect than an everlane tank, worn-in jeans and some birks (because i rediscovered mine this weekend in my closet and my feet are in heaven).l
+ my cool friend elizabeth has an equally cool daughter lulu, and lulu started her own blog last week! lulu has red hair is your new go-to for everything stylish and fun. because of her first post, i bought a denim vest. lulu wore a denim vest and a dress, so i wore a denim vest and a dress. mean girls, anyone?

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