on comfort + yoga (+ dear kate)

now that i've gotten my two major races out of the way this spring, i'm trying to make my triumphant return to yoga. to say it's been a struggle has been an understatement.
during marathon training, i tried my damnedest to keep up with the cross training. i did yoga once a week or so as a way to stay limber and to keep my legs stretched out. but as the marathon and our wedding collided, i fell off the wagon. and when you fall off, it's kind of hard to figure out how to get back on.

so i'm getting there. doing a little at home and trying to squeeze a class in here and there. but you know, i've got to be honest here. i can be honest right? i hope so. sometimes all i need is something new to wear to give me the kick in the pants i need to get on my mat.

is that terrible?

i've written about dear kate before, and after a few more months of movin' and groovin' in them, i can safely say working out wearing them is infinitely better. so imagine my delight when i heard they launched a kickstarter to make, you guessed it, yoga pants.
guys. these pants sound so legit. let's be honest, wearing undies with yoga pants can be a struggle sometimes. they're all designed to be so tight, and vpl can be super embarrassing, even if you're working on your sweat game. and, of course, the last thing you want is see-through pants while you're trying to get your downward dog on. and i'd rather not discuss chafing. suffice to say: it's happened to me, and you don't want it to happen to you. ever.

in their own words: "The pants, available in shorts, capri, and full-length and in sizes XS-3X, incorporate a small inset of Dear Kate’s patent-pending Underlux fabric to replace underwear. This fabric technology, originally developed for that 'time of the month,' is wicking, stain-releasing, and breathable, making these the first pair of yoga pants that makes underwear truly optional. The benefits of going commando while working out include no more VPL, no bunching or riding up, and no stress over winging it without underwear. Dear Kate Yoga Pants are designed to give women comfort, a killer looking backside, and most importantly, freedom of movement."

i think the video dear kate made tells you everything you need to know about the pants.

so they hit their goal to design the pants (HOORAY!), and now their new goal is to hit $100,000, at which point we'll be able to offer a contrast stitching option. they're just over $3,000 away from their goal, so you know this is going to happen! AND! if you back them with $98 or more, you'll get your own pair of pants once they're in production.

anywho, just wanted to let you ladeez know about the good ish. i'm super excited for this. maybe i'll learn how to do arm balances so i can be like the model in the photo. OR maybe the pants will give me special powers so i'll just know how to do them when i put them on. we'll see...

all images via dear kate

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