race recap: heartbreak hill half marathon

surprise! i ran a half marathon this weekend!
Heartbreak Hill Half finisher
and surprise! i PRd even though it was over 70 degrees at the start and wicked hot and sunny the whole race!

this year was runner's world's inaugural heartbreak hill half marathon + festival, and it was a great weekend overall. there was a 5k, 10k and half, plus a kids run, a doggie run and a bunch of running seminars. basically, a good time to geek out if you're a runner. i signed up for the half months ago, and promptly forgot about it while i was marathon training.

but a few weeks after the marathon, i remembered i had this race and got back to training. on a whim, i also signed up for the doggie run because running with toby is the greatest thing ever. it was supposed to be two miles on saturday, but they cut it back to one because of the heat. toby and i still managed to run our fastest mile ever. hooray!
Eukenuba Doggie race
so sunday rolled around, and it was time for 13.1. i forgot what was happening when i woke up, so clearly i was off to a good start. the morning was already warm, but i figured i'd be ok. i tried to hydrate a lot in the days before, so i hoped i wouldn't totally bonk out like i did at the marathon. the race started at boston college, so it was a quick trip from my house. all races should be like that. seriously.
Heartbreak Hill Half start line
short story about the race: it was hot, and i think i went out too fast (of course). the first half of the course was mostly downhill, and it finished out on the newton hills, so it was pretty easy to go out fast. but i liked it regardless. the route was familiar to me, since i spent so much of my training on the newton hills, so i did have a slight advantage over some of the out of town runners.

the sun, however, was relentless and made the whole run kind of miserable. but i had so much fun. there weren't a ton of spectators, and there were a LOT of pissed off drivers who clearly didn't plan for those roads to be shut down. i actually got stopped at the base of heartbreak hill so cars could go. not ideal. but i still PRd by over a minute!
Heartbreak Hill Half finisher chute
yay! so i'd like to think that if it weren't so hot, i'd have had a much bigger PR, but who knows? i'm just happy with how it all went. a lot of runners had bad runs, but i somehow managed to have my greatest half marathon ever. so. there you go. i demolished some hills and PRd and then i ate everything in sight.

casual sunday activities.

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