10 things you didn't know about me

1// as much as i love dogs now, i didn't have one growing up.
2// ok well i had one, but only for a few weeks when i was five or six. she unfortunately ate rat poison and died while i was out one saturday. it makes me sad :(
3// i do lots of fun things with my hair now, but this is a recent development. i only started figuring things out about three years ago. i don't have any crazy secrets though. i just watch youtube videos and mess around until i figure things out. youtube saves lives.
4// as much as i love running, sometimes i hate it. a lot.
5// i keep my nails painted and manicured because if not i'll bite them to pieces. nervous habit.
6// white oleander is forever and always my favorite book.
7// i buy a lot of cookbooks. i don't do a lot of cooking. but gwenyth paltrow's it's all good is pretty good. like i've actually made things out of it. trust.
8// i like beer, but i'd rather have a glass of wine.
9// most of the time i'm listening to late '90s and early 2000s pop music. judge away.
10// i really like coca-cola from the fountain. like a lot. oh god. i could go for one right now.

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