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it's been a while since i talked about books i've been reading. in the last year, since changing my job, i've been reading a lot less. my commute is cut in half, so i don't get as much time set aside to read. but now i'm making time! it's great! here are a few of the books i've read and what's next up on my queue.
this is where i leave you // i picked up this book because i saw the trailer for the movie, and i'm so glad i did. it takes a really good look at the different family dynamics we might have, and how we navigate them in times of trouble. i always prefer to read a book before i see the movie, so if you're like me, definitely give it a read.

the opposite of loneliness // oh man. this book. i've recommended it to just about every person i've come across. marina does an excellent job dissecting the trials of just growing up. the ups and the downs. the feelings and insecurities. she doesn't try to use bigger language to try to make a point, and i think that's what made marina such a gem. she wasn't pretentious in her writing. she was a real gem, and it's sad that people only got to learn of her greatness after her death.

the art of fielding // i'm currently reading this book, and i was pretty unsure of it at first. i mean, really, a book about college baseball? but it's so much more than that. it's coming of age, discovering yourself. the characters are really well-defined and likeable. i'm not done with it, but so far i'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

unbroken // i just got this book in the mail, and i'm super excited to get started on it. everyone's been talking about it, so i feel super late to the game. this is another one that's being made into a movie, and i saw the trailer and knew i needed to read it.

landline // i loved rainbow rowell's book "eleanor and park," and her latest release has gotten some pretty rave reviews since it was released earlier this month.

so tell me, what are you reading lately?

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