review: thinx underwear

boys (craig), you know the drill. you should come back another day. go read a sports blog or something.
today, we're talking about underwear. underwear can be funny business. i mean you want to look and feel cute wearing it, but you also want it to be practical. you want it to keep you covered, especially for that time of the month. thinx has you covered on both counts. period underwear that's not granny panties.

i know. mind blowing.

in addition to keeping you covered during your toughest times (like, real coverage. like, i tried it. it's good. trust.), it's also philanthropic. every pair of thinx sold allows one girl in the developing world to stay in school by providing her with seven washable, reusable cloth pads. that's some serious business, because girls in the developing world can miss between 48 and 84 days of school because of her period. with every purchase, thinx is giving more women the chance to become educated and to become successful.

so looking good and doing good? it's a great combo.

disclosure: i was provided a free pair of thinx underwear for review purposes. all opinions are my own.

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