i drank the kool-aid

so for the past few years, there's been this thing in boston. this grassroots fitness movement. you may have heard of it. it's called the november project. it's a bunch of crazy kids who get together mondays, wednesdays and fridays to do free workouts with the goal of staying fit and making new friends.

when i first heard about it, i was so excited. it sounded SO cool and like something i could totally get involved with. a group of people who loved fitness, and believed in a healthy lifestyle! sign me up! but i kept coming up with excuses not to show up. i wouldn't make it to work on time, it was just too early, they were just too good/fast/intense and i'd be a slow little sloth.

a few weeks ago, i decided to stop finding excuses and to #justshowup. so i made a verbal to my friend andrew, and we met up just before 5am on a wednesday to run up and down the steps at harvard stadium at the 5:30 workout.
it was hot, and it was sweaty, but it was amazing. i felt so empowered! with every high five, and every hug i handed out, i felt invigorated and ready to tackle my day. it was a giant sense of community, and by the time i left the stadium at 6:30, my legs felt like jell-o but i was so happy. i vowed to go back and finish more sections (i only got through 23 out of 37 during my first day). now don't let this excitement fool you. this workout was tough. my legs felt weird for almost a week after the workout. but i wanted more! i wanted to get better!

guys. i drank the kool-aid.
i finished 24 sections the next week. i didn't feel as tired, and my legs recovered more quickly. i hurt my leg the next week, so i skipped out and felt AWFUL. i missed my friends! i missed giving someone new a sweaty and smelly hug! i will be the first to tell you, i don't like touching people. but at the november project? it's totally different. i will hug everyone, tell them i'm so excited they're there and yell words of support when they need it.

the last wednesday of every month, the goal is to do a full tour. all 37 sections in your fastest time. so last week, i decided to give it a shot. i wanted to do ALL 37 in the 50 minutes we had. so off i went. it also helped that there was a nice pig waiting for me at the end to pet if i finished all 37 with a PR. i pushed through all the steps. i skipped the weekly group photo in pursuit of section 1. and when i hit it, i felt unstoppable.
i know this workout isn't for everyone. but i think it's worth it to try at least once. if you hate it, there's no commitment. you don't ever have to come again. but i don't doubt you'll find a sense of camaraderie there.

plus, i'll be there at 5:30 waiting with hugs.

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